"Pleasure is a gateway to emotional and spiritual fluency. It makes us aware of things we were not aware of before, alters our blood chemistry, enhances brain function and opens new possibilities in all areas of life.  The gift of loving touch heals body, heart and soul by bringing us a taste of love, both divine and personal."  Betty Martin, founder of The Wheel of Consent

“Tantric Buddhism is concerned with the direct experience of who we are and what we can become. It's sole aim is to help us liberate the energy we have locked away in old habits, narrow views and fears. Transforming ourselves in this way we can realise our potential for profound wisdom and unbounded compassion. For the Tantra, this experience is beyond words and thought, beyond the conscious mind and personality.”  Sangharakshita, Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism


"Tantra is freedom; freedom from all mind- constructs, from all mind- games; freedom from all structures; freedom from the other. Tantra is space to be. Tantra is liberation, a total orgasm of the whole being”. Osho, TANTRA

"Tension of the body is the greatest, single obstacle to the spiritual path of anything in our lives.  Somatic work has a tremendously important, potential impact on literally everything that we do".  Reginald Ray, Your Breathing Body.

"Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your bible, your encyclopaedia, your life story". Gabrielle Roth, founder of 5 Rhythms.  

What is Tantra? 

Tantra is a spiritual path, which originated in India thousands of years ago, where yantra, mantra, Kriya yoga and meditation were routinely practised.  Neo- Tantra is part of modern spirituality and a way of living, practised and evolved by OSHO Sannyasins mainly, in the latter half of the 1900's.  Tantra enabled people to alter and expand their consciousness, discover guilt- free bodily pleasure away from the eyes of religion, and heal past wounds. Since then, many people have started teaching and practising this path.  I have been taught by my teacher John Hawken at The Paths of Transformation. He was one of Margot Anand's first students, founder of Sky Dancing Tantra. 

Tantra is a path of transformation, which shows us how to access our potential for pleasure and use it for self-development and spiritual growth. It´s about going beyond your boundaries and expanding into the unknown. Accepting where you are right now, relaxing into who you are, allowing the energy to transform. Opening to blissful and orgasmic states, where everything is possible. 


Sexuality is a micro- cosim for the macro- cosim of life... Tantra massage can offer you a great mirror. How is your sexual energy met? With frustration? Disappointment? Overwhelm? Do you block your own pleasure? Before you merge with the other, you need to know yourself first. I will create a sacred space and guide you gently in to your own deep, inner experience, where we can explore together what is holding you back. 

We are living in a time when people are disconnected from nature and their bodies more than ever and we see this expressed through the constant abuse we give them. Comfort eating, smoking, drinking, drugs, medication all serve to suppress emotions that we find difficult to deal with.  These emotions from past experiences are stored in the body as trapped energy, otherwise known as tension. We refer to this 'stuckness' as blocks in the body.  These blocks prevent our life force energy flowing through us and we end up walking around holding ourselves in particular ways. These holding patterns, tell a story about you and can create physical manifestations of dis- ease and illness, if not released. Through healing touch, we can bring consciousness to memories and unprocessed emotions, creating space for the new to enter and for free flow, expansion and light to fill the body. 

My Approach

I use somatic coaching techniques to bring people back into awareness of what their body is trying to communicate to them. Helping people to tune into themselves and focus on sensations rather than thoughts, promotes relaxation and insights into their emotional world. Working somatically encourages you to notice what is truly present for you in the moment and invites you to approach life from a more embodied place. 

I also include the work of Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent with touch exercises. Introducing different types of touch, asking for what you want, learning where your personal boundaries are and how to say 'no', understanding the difference between giving and taking and accepting and allowing, and how these translate into all aspects of your life, not just intimacy. This work teaches us that a direct route to pleasure is always available to us, it's whether we are open to receiving it. These practises in turn, help you understand how you can be a more attentive and present lover. 

I also have an esoteric approach and sometimes like to include Tantric energy practises from books such as, Jewel in the Lotus, The Art of Ecstasy, The Multi Orgasmic Man etc.  These are usually brought in once an authentic connection has been established between us and if the client shows an interest in learning such advanced practices. Using Tantric principles of slowing down and being more aware and present to the energy of 'what is', can also help when addressing sexual dysfunction during a session. 

I enjoy using fun tools for sensation play, lovely- smelling, organic base and essential oils and different materials for awakening the senses. Often, I will include meditation, Kriya yoga asanas, breathing techniques and rituals in the sessions. 

I am happy to work with people who have particular problems and goals they'd like help with or those who just want to be guided into an otherworldly place. 

Why Intimate Bodywork? 

Pelvic Expansion Massage- 

Healing touch to the pelvic floor attachments inside the hip bones, groin and inner thighs, giving a sense of expansion, grounding and connection between the upper and lower body. Often we develop a protective layer of tension in the pelvic floor, splitting us in half and containing our sexual energy to the lower half. This massage is particularly beneficial to those who have a lot of known tightness in the pelvic/ thigh area. We release any emotion that may be held here in regards to our sexuality or if not, experiencing how beautifully relaxing and soothing it is to receive such a rare moment of touch here. 

Lingham (Genital) Healing For Men -

How do you view your own genitals? Have you ever even thought about it? Do you want to feel a connection to them, with the heart and the rest of the body? Are you tired of only being able to orgasm through hard and fast touch? Do you feel numbness or lack of sensitivity? With Lingham healing, we drop any expectations around how you normally use your genitals and open to a new way of experiencing them. Feel the difference of goal less and respectful touch, focusing on listening to your body and giving yourself time and space to respond to it. Using deep awareness, felt sense and open dialogue, you guide me at your pace to release tension around the base of the Lingham, perineum, testicles. 




Yoni (Genital) Healing For Women- 

The Yoni is a place where we may hold memories of past touch that wasn't consented to/ wanted/ voiced. Yoni healings give us a chance to bring consciousness to what we may be unconsciously holding on to. By using soft touch and presence, we can give a voice back to your yoni for her to express her past pains and release from your body, bringing a new sense of lightness and insights. Yoni healing is not about being attached to an outcome, rather responding to what arises through contact.  It's usually a very moving experience for a woman to be touched in such a way by another woman, guiding each other.  As we let go of pain, we create more space to receive pleasure and so we follow it, if desired. 

Rosetta (Anal) Healing -

How do you feel about this part of your body? Ashamed, fearful, even disgusted? Would you like to explore the potential of immense pleasure that may be available to you here? Are you curious?  Rosetta healing is about moving away from a base of tension and fear, towards a base of relaxation and pleasure. A key area of Tantra massage is the Root Chakra (Mūlādhāra), place of money, primal sex, addictions, obsessions, belonging, grounding, physical home; our connection to the passionate fire of Grandmother Earth and our Life energy. 

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