Path Of Pleasure

Intention of Session- To surrender to full body bliss, expansion and love.  

                                       Explore yourself in a shame free space.

                                       To connect sex, heart and spirit in union. 

Most sessions include a short before and after talk, meditation to calm the mind, breath work to invite you to breathe more fully, exercises and somatic coaching to increase awareness of yourself and an invitation to feel deeply.

Let my sessions nourish you, leaving you feeling very relaxed yet energised!

Sessions are 2/ 2.5/ 3 hours 

The focus of these sessions are to come back to presence by BEING in no- thingness, slowing everything down, meditating on and pro-longing your sexual arousal, letting go of being in control, learning to receive, surrendering to my touch. 

This is achieved by being an active receiver; using breath, sound and movement.

Come ride the wave with me...

Taoist Erotic Massage

A sensual and refined massage, I work with different intentions to raise your energy, create waves of intense pleasure and expansion beyond your physical boundaries. This energetic massage is working with the elements of fire, earth, water and air, to open your heart and enter a place where time and space no longer exists. 


Kashmiri Massage

A warm, nurturing and intimate massage, where you feel held and taken care of. Long, sensual strokes in 4 receiving positions. 

Sensual Domination

Explore your submissive side with the erotic bossy massage. 

Intimate Bodywork 

Lingham (intimate) Massage 

Moving from stimulation to sensitivity, from a tension based sexuality to relaxing into the excitement. Learn how to move sexual energy through your central channel or circulate using the breath.  Prolonging goalless pleasure, riding the wave of bliss, melt into ecstasy... 

Rosetta (Anal) Massage 

Exploring your rosetta for it's pleasure potential- Only done after a Rosetta healing massage and not on the first session. 


Becoming more Tantric... Sexual Energy Practises. 

Transmuting the sexual energy

Fire Breath Orgasm

Micro Cosmic Orbit/ Tantric partnered breathing 

Full body Orgasms

Other Things that we can include...

Tantric Unveiling Ritual- Disrobing and beginning the dance of excitement and relaxation.

Honouring the Divine Masculine RitualA beautifully, respectful ritual of honouring the male physical body. 

Awakening the Senses Ritual- A delightful new view of the world through heightening the 4 other senses by being blindfolded. Bringing a deeper awareness of yourself.  

Sensation Play- Using different instruments to tease and tantalise, experimenting with the edge of pain and letting go of the mind's control, into the void. Includes the Art of Scratching massage. 

Contemporary Shamanic, Quadoushka energy and Chakra Balancing- Increasing your sensitivity and openness to your energy body. 

Reiki- Energy healing; creating calmness and a sense of inner peace and the transmission of Life- Force/ Prana for your highest and greatest good.