Path of healing

Intention of Session-  Release the old/ pain in the body, to create space for the new/ pleasure.

                                      Working compassionately with the body as the gateway to the unconscious. 

                                      Letting go of past emotions and memories stored in the body, that are keeping you stuck.


These sessions focus on healing, conscious touch, presence, active receiving and holding from the heart. 

Most people have experienced some level of trauma in their lives. Tantric healing works with body memory to release stuck energy (blocks of tension, numbness and pain) to allow for opening and expansion to happen. When this does, flow is reinstated and aliveness and pleasure re- awoken. 

Pelvic Expansion Massage- 

Healing Biodynamic massage touch to the pelvic floor attachments inside the hip bones, groin and inner thighs, giving a sense of expansion and connection between the upper and lower body. Often we develop a protective layer of tension in the pelvic floor, splitting us in half and containing our sexual energy to the lower half. This massage is particularly beneficial to those who have a lot of known tightness in the pelvic area. We release any emotion that may be held here in regards to our sexuality or if not, experiencing how beautifully relaxing and soothing it is to experience such a rare moment of touch here. 

Lingham (Genital) Healing -

How do you view your own genitals? Have you ever even thought about it? Do you want to feel a connection to them, with the heart and the rest of the body? Are you tired of only being able to orgasm through hard and fast touch? Do you feel numbness or lack of sensitivity? With Lingham healing, we drop any expectations around how you normally use your genitals and open to a new way of experiencing them. Feel the difference of goal less and respectful touch, focusing on listening to your body and giving yourself time and space to respond to it. Using deep awareness, felt sense and open dialogue, you guide me at your pace to release tension around the base of the Lingham, perineum, testicles. What is their story? 

Rosetta (Anal) Healing -

How do you view this part of your body? With shame, fear and disgust? Would you like to explore the potential of immense pleasure that may be available to you here? Are you curious? Do you feel you may be holding here and would like to let go of it? Rosetta healing is about moving away from a base of tension and fear, towards a base of relaxation and pleasure. A key area of Tantra massage is the Root Chakra, wheel of money, primal sex, addictions, belonging, physical home; our connection to the passionate fire of Grandmother Earth and our Life energy. 

Empowerment and Embodiment-

Sessions can include exercises that increase your ability to feel, listen to your bodies messages, learn about your boundaries, ask for what you want, learn different types of touch and how to communicate these and more. Please ask about including this!

Other elements include Reiki, holding, eye gazing, tantric breathing, meditation, somatic exercises, embracing as well as other energy practises which connect us and create a container for growth.