Path of Awakening to Tantra

Intention of Session- Experiential Learning and understanding of Tantric spirituality, 
                                     Deep connection, 
                                     Initiation of your energy body. 

The Elemental Journey 

Series of 5 Sessions to be initiated into Neo- Tantra.

         Earth- Expanding genital pleasure into whole- body pleasure. From stimulation to sensitivity.


        Fire- From Physical body pleasure to energy body pleasure. 


        Air- Breathing to fan the fire and open the heart.


        Water- Letting go. Relinquish control and surrender to the flow of aliveness and pleasure. 


         (This session is with 2 Tantra massage practitioners and includes a 4 handed massage). 


         Spirit- Your body is a temple. Experiencing the energy body dwelling within the physical body,                      consecrating it as a temple of the spirit.