Frequently asked questions

How does your Tantra massage differ to erotic massage?
The three main differences between Tantra massage and traditional erotic massage are;
1) In Tantra I work directly with the energy body as well as the physical. 
2) Goalless pleasure focusing on being in the present moment, rather than goal orientated touching. 
3) I offer one way touch only, as opposed to 2 way touch. 

Tantra massage is working on a deeper level of your sexuality by awakening the energy body. There is a focus on healing through pleasure and exploring the unconsciousness through the body as a gateway. 
How many sessions will I need?
This really depends on the individual. Each session will build upon what arose from the previous one. Even after 1 session, you will feel the benefits, but to journey over several sessions is also possible.

Can you teach me Tantra or coach me?

I am not a Tantra teacher, nor a sex coach/ therapist. I can however help you with sexual problems using Tantric principles, such as slowing down, breathing and noticing what is happening. Creating more space for you to become aware, using somatic coaching/ focusing techniques. My focus is on what is working for you, healing emotional wounds, exploring pleasure and learning to feel good in your body. I create the sessions so that you learn from your own inner experience, rather than direct teaching. Saying this, we can practise partnered Tantric sexuality, empowerment and embodiment exercises together, which you will learn from and be able to use in your normal life.

Do you do intimate massage?

Tantra sees the whole body as sacred and as divine incarnations of the god (Shiva; consciousness) and goddess (Shakti; energy). Therefore in Tantra massage, the lingham (penis) and yoni (vagina) are also honoured using a wholistic approach.  Please see 'Sessions' and 'My Approach' for more info about Lingham and Yoni massage.

 Can I enjoy the other things you offer without Tantra massage?

Yes! I offer 60 min or 90 min sessions of reiki, womb healing, yoga Nidra and somatic coaching without Tantra massage. 

I also offer sessions of Tantra massage with all these elements too, and more.  

Where are you based?

I work in Berlin mainly and once a month in London, in two beautiful studios/ temples. 

I've had a lot of sexual trauma, can you help me? 

I am trauma informed and while Tantra massage can heal aspects of our sexuality, my sessions are not appropriate for people who have experienced sexual abuse. I recommend seeing a psychotherapist/ talk therapist/ Somatic Experiencing practitioner, before starting any touch based or intimate bodywork.