About Me


I'm a healing bodyworker and pleasure activist, believer that every human being has the birthright to experience everything possible in a human body, without judgment. To surrender to their full energetic and creative expression without fear.  To love themselves unconditionally without guilt. To live and respond from their truth without being shamed. 

I am here to bring people into the flow in a loving, gentle way.  Lover of the body, spirit, the self and humanity.  My path is to work with embodiment, sexuality and healing. I invite you to enjoy being in and feeling at home in your body and to feel a deeper connection to your own heart...

Constantly curious and explorative, always learning and experiencing. I am warm, calm, empathic, heart centred, sensitive, enthusiastic and passionate about life. I spend my time on courses, workshops, travelling the world, supporting humanitarian causes, evolving relationships, practising spirituality, gently guiding others and connecting to the natural world around me. I try to live as consciously and intentionally as possible. 

Professional Training-

Somatic Coaching

Year long professional training in The Art of Tantra Massage with John Hawken

Year long Tantra course; Initiation into Your Own Knowing, with John Hawken

Advanced Tantra Practices with John Hawken

Feminine Fountain; G-spot and female ejaculation with Deborah Sundahl

Betty Martin’s ‘Like A Pro’ for bodyworkers

Womb Blessing and Healing with Miranda Gray

Basic Certificate in Californian Massage

Myofascial Energetic Release bodywork with Satyarthi Peloquin

Reiki Levels 1 and 2